roost handcrafted cocktails

Cava Cocktails

Classic – Cava, Cane Sugar, Bitters

Bird’s Eye – Cava, Chili Infused Vodka, Bitters

Roost – Cava, Brown Sugar, Aperol, Bitters and Lemon

Fizzy Rickey – Cava, Plymouth Gin, Cherry Syrup and Lime


Dorothy Parker Brooklyn Gin, Lime, Agave, Chipotle Powder

The Grapefruit Dead

Slovenia Vodka, Hibiscus Syrup, St. Germain, Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

Smoked Rooster

Espolón Blanco Tequila, Salt Smoked Lemon, Lemon Juice and Limoncello

Old Cuban

Barbancourt Aged Rum, Cava, Lime Juice, Agave, Mint and Bitters

New Old Fashioned

Bulleit Rye, Grand Marnier and Black Walnut Bitters

BVB Lemonade

Bulleit Bourbon, Bourbon Vanilla Syrup, Lemon Juice

Lavender Martini

Tito’s Vodka, Lavender Syrup, Lemon and St-Germaine

No Way Rosé Sangria

Rosé Wine, Hornitos Plata Tequila, Lime Juice, Agave

roost wines


Cava – La Vida Al Camp, Spain

Cava Brut Rosé – Catalonia, Spain

Champagne – Philippe Prié, Brut Tradition, France


Domaine L’Ostal Cazes, France 2016


Albariño – Columna, Galicia, Spain 2014

Crustaces – Alsace, France 2013

Sauvignon Blanc – Tablelands, New Zealand 2016

Chardonnay – Scott Family Estate, CA 2014

Burgundy ­– Petit Chablis –Jean-Marc Brocard, France 2014

Pinot Gris – Riesling- Pfaffenheim Black Tie, Alsace, France 2012

Sancerre – Domaine Paul Prieur, France 2015

Vouvray – Domaine du Petite Coteau, France 2015

Chardonnay – Patz & Hall “Dutton Ranch”, CA 2012

Red Wines  

Montepulciano – Visconti Della Rocca, Italy 2012

Pinot Noir ­– Au Bon Climat, CA 2014

Malbec ­­– La Posta, Palucci Vineyard, Argentina 2014

Cabernet Sauvignon – Wyatt, Napa Valley, CA 2014

Rioja ­– Bozeto De Exopto Cellars, Spain 2013

Cotes du Rhone – Isabel De France, France 2012

Bordeaux – Chateau Lagrave Paran, Graves, France 2009

Cabernet Sauvignon – Woodward Canyon, WA 2012

Shiraz – The Opportunist, South Australia 2014



Local and Regional Bottled and Tap Beer